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ISO 9001:2015 Executive Overview

With over 1.2 million organizations certified to ISO 9001, it is the world’s most recognized standard for quality management. While it continues to be as relevant as ever, ISO 9001 is now under review with an updated version expected by the end of 2015.

The revision will address a number of areas to enhance an organization’s ability to consistently provide products that meet customer requirements. Chief among them are risk assessment and the corrective action process.

You can now be among the first to explore the anticipated changes and get a head start on the first stage of its transformation.

Participants will develop an understanding of:

  • Background to ISO 9001 and expected changes in 2015
  • How will the changes affect you
  • What are the revision and transition timelines
  • How the transition is an opportunity to inject efficiency and drive performance to the next level
  • Risk analysis and corrective action

Presenter: John DiMaria

John DiMaria is responsible for overseeing product roll-out and client/sales education. He is the product expertise spokesperson for BSI Group Americas regarding all product standards covering Risk, Quality and Regulatory Compliance.