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Love is worth the Risk! - Assessing Risk for ISO 9001:2015 - using a systematic approach

The consequences of delivering nonconforming products and services can range from being a minor inconvenience to being far-reaching and fatal. “Risk-based thinking” in the revised ISO/DIS 9001:2015 standard means considering risk qualitatively and/or quantitatively.

What then? We have to define the rigor and degree of formality needed to plan and control risk in our quality management system, as well as its component processes and activities. This is unique to every organization – it's relative to the context of our organization.

What you will learn in this webinar:

Where should I be looking for risks?

  • Five areas to be sure to check when identifying risks
  • Get everyone involved
  • Address legal requirements, too

How do I rate the risk?

  • Features of a typical risk grid
  • Create your grid based on your own business context
  • Maintain your information on risk assessment

Spread the news

  • Make risk assessment come alive in your organization
  • Maintain the usefulness of the analysis
  • Learn from experience and build improvements into your risk analysis

Don’t miss out on this information and highly important webinar! Whether you are looking to improve customer satisfaction, enhance operational excellence, increase market share, reduce risk of business disruption, or make sure you are up to date with the ISO 2015 Revisions, you need to attend this webinar.


Jim Moran, MA Ed., President, The learning Alliance Inc.

Gary Robinson, Commercial Director of BSI Group Canada Inc.

Anne-Marie Pizzitelli, BSI Canada Marketing