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Management System Compliance – Powering People, Improving Performance: BSI Action Manager

All companies want to achieve results but getting there can be a challenge. For many businesses it involves integrating and organizing information and functions that are fragmented and siloed. This is an ongoing and growing pain for organizations of all sizes. Depending on the number of sites you have; the number of systems implemented; and the complexity of those systems… the traditional approach of manual processes is cumbersome and burdensome.

Action Manager provides a tool to help you break down silos and disparate views of information. It gives all users, including the executive suite, one view across the organization on a vital component of any management system: actions. Its linkage to your organizational structure and management system allows you to know the answer to questions such as who, what, when, where... even why.
When you consider that an ineffective management system costs you time and money, Action Manager can be a cost effective way to perform analysis, identify trends, and reduce issues around corrective action.

Fundamentally Action Manager has been designed to help organizations improve their businesses and build operational excellence. The breadth of Action Manager provides functionality to drive effective management of all types of actions and enables comprehensive planning with features that align to your corrective action process.

Actions can be created from any process, any project, any meeting. Action Manager supports the timely completion, accountability, visibility, and efficiency for your organization.

What you will gain:

BSI Action Manager is a remarkably simple, yet powerful way to capture improvement findings and manage actions across your department, site or enterprise.

  • An easier and less manual way of capturing improvement findings across your organization
  • Tools to support in the investigation and identification of the cause of any finding
  • A simple, efficient and inexpensive way of assigning and managing actions in a timely and effective manner
  • Visibility of the status and trends of both improvement findings and actions

Who Should Attend:

Any manager, supervisor, or employee who wishes to develop and use a structured, problem solving methodology for the purpose of corrective action, preventive action and continual improvement.