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Start Me Up! Your Transition to the ISO Revised Standards

Use a planned approach for your Transition to ensure best results!

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss. We can either stumble toward conformance to ISO 9001:2015 and or ISO 14001:2015, or we can create a plan to make best use of our time, our assets and our activities.

What do we need to take care of? We have to define degree of formality needed to plan and manage the journey and communicate the plan to everyone in our organization. This is unique to every organization – it's relative to the context of our organization and the quality of our plan will determine the quality of our transition journey.

What you will see in this webinar:

What are typical steps?

  • The five phases to help you make an efficient and effective transition
    -The importance of employee engagement during the transition
  • How Plan-Do-Check-Act can help during transition

How do I evaluate my progress?

  • Defining milestones
  • Measuring advancement along the Transition journey
  • Making the transition progress known to everyone

What kind of training should I consider?

  • Contents of the new Standard need to be known by the transition champions
  • Internal Auditors will need to be made aware of the new requirements and how they apply to the organization
  • Top Management will need to be very clear on their enhanced Leadership requirements

Whether you are looking to improve customer satisfaction, enhance operational excellence, increase market share, reduce risk of business disruption, or make sure you are up to date with the ISO 2015 Revisions, you need to attend this webinar.