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ISO 9001's Impact on the AS9100 Revision

AS9100 will be revised next year to follow the 2015 revision to ISO 9001. This will have a major impact on Aerospace companies and require a new approach to the Supply Chain and Leadership. The concept of preventive action is now part of risk identification and mitigation strategies. Required documentation is changing as is the emphasis on change management.

Understanding the changes to ISO 9001:2015 is paramount to understanding what the next revision of AS9100 will entail. Join BSI's experts, John DiMaria, Senior Product Manager, System Certification and Ed Gagnon, Aviation, Space and Defense Technical Manager, as we discuss:

  • Annex SL, the new ISO high level structure
  • Overview the revisions to ISO 9001
  • Anticipated changes to AS9100
  • Opportunities for system improvement

This webinar is a “must attend” for:

  • OEM quality managers
  • Aerospace leadership
  • Suppliers
  • MR & O providers
  • Distributors