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Snakes and Ladders: ISO 9001:2015 and Risk Based Thinking

What will the new requirements do for us? What will the new requirements do to us?

Where's the balance between managing risk and realizing opportunities.

The new requirements for Managing risk (6.1), Risk-based thinking and the Process Approach may change the way we take chances. The word 'risk' appears

We have to develop an approach to risk matching the new direction ISO Standards are taking us. At the same time, we need to keep fostering a culture of continuous improvement – it's relative to the context. But some basics are consistent across the board and across Standards.

What you will learn in this webinar:

How do we make sure we've met the requirements of the Standard?

  • Where does 'risk' appear as a requirement?
  • Will they ALL apply to us?
  • What's the difference between 'risk-based thinking' and 'mitigating risk?
  • What will auditors be looking for?

How does the context of our organization affect our risk requirements?

  • Are there specific things auditors will want to see?
  • What if we don't agree with their interpretation of our situation?

How do we drive Value to our organization?

  • So what if we don't focus on risk?
  • It takes time to identify and mitigate – what's in it for us?

Don’t miss out on this information and highly important webinar! Whether you are looking to improve customer satisfaction, enhance operational excellence, increase market share, reduce risk of business disruption, or make sure you are up to date with the ISO 2015 Revisions, you need to attend this webinar.


Jim Moran, MA Ed., President, The learning Alliance Inc., has been a business educator since 1977. He has written articles for a number of business publications, radio shows and hosted “How’s Business?” a TV talk show. Jim has developed, designed and delivered training courses for Fortune 500 companies, the Federal government and Provincial governments.

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