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How your audit will be different under ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 introduces some key changes to the way a quality management system (QMS) is incorporated into your organization’s strategy. This will mean that the audit will focus on new areas. This webinar will give you some guidance as to what to expect during your audit in relation to these new requirements and help you prepare.

Auditors will be looking for objective evidence to demonstrate that your organization’s systems and processes are able to deliver not only what your customers want, but also adhere to any relevant statutory or regulatory requirements.

This webinar will include a discussion around:

  • Increased emphasis on discussions with process owners
  • Linking the strategic direction and leadership from senior management throughout the organization
  • Analyzing process effectiveness to meet the intended outcomes
  • Review the new clauses in the standard, including:
    • context of the organization
    • leadership
    • planning
    • risk-based thinking