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Are you spooked by the ISO 2015 Transition? It’s not as scary as you think!

The ISO 2015 Transition deadline is fast approaching and all ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates must transition to the new standard by Sept 14, 2018.  After that date, all 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certificates will no longer be valid, and this may affect your ability to supply to all markets.  This is a chilling truth – enough to make your blood curdle!  But don’t be scared!  BSI will support you in your transition journey.  Our free webinar will provide 31 Halloween Tips on how to prepare for your 2015 Transition Audit.

What you will learn:

10 Tips for risk management

Follow the flow of your work end-to-end and spot potential trouble. Learn about ways to manage and mitigate risk.

10 tips for Management Engagement

Has management done a presentation on how your organization has responded to the major changes of the 2015 version of your Standard (do they know what these changes are?).

Has leadership responded to the new requirements of the new standard?

10 tips for simplifying your Management System

Use flowcharts, videos and pictures wherever possible.

Learn how to create methods that will simplify your MS and engage your employees so they feel empowered.

Plus, One extra special Halloween Tip on how to prepare for your Transition Audit!

Presenter Information:

Jim Moran has been implementing ISO 9001 with clients since 1992. He has done ISO 9001:2015 presentations since November of 2013 and has delivered a number of webinars, ½ day presentations and full day trainings on the revised standard. He currently sits on ISO PC 280, an ISO committee formed to participate in the development of a new ISO Guideline for Management Consultancy, ISO 20700. Jim is an Instructor for ISO Training at the BSI Group.

Anne-Marie Pizzitelli is the Marketing Director, US & Canada, for the BSI Group.