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Corporate Social Responsible Risk Index 2017

BSI has recorded several notable trends in corporate social responsibility risks, including the threats of child labor, poor working conditions, and environmental pollution, over the course of 2017. Globally, BSI has observed the weakening capacity of many national governments to enforce labor laws, potentially increasing the exposure businesses face to these CSR risks.
We will discuss the following topics and more: 
  • Bangladesh - poor working conditions 
  • Turkey - child labor 
  • China - pollution 
  • South America - forced labor threats 
  • United Kingdom - poor working conditions and labor violations 
BSI Intelligence Team 
Our dedicated team of analysts monitor and analyze a wide range of geographic risk and incident data sources to produce risk ratings for 25 proprietary risk indicators for 203 countries. Our analysts are constantly updating and refining our intelligence, making sure our risk ratings and updates reflect the situation on the ground.