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BSI Assurance Portal: Enhancing assessment services

The BSI Assurance Portal is here!  Learn all about the new way to access your assessment report, receive any NCRs, and submit your CAPs.  It’s free – and at your fingertips! Register now and learn how to use this great new tool. 

The BSI Assurance Portal (BAP) will provide you with greater visibility of Non-Conformance information, allow for better communication with your BSI assessor, and give you new tools to effectively manage and close out BSI non-conformance actions. The best news? It comes at no extra cost as part of your certification services. 

What you will learn:

  • How to activate the new BSI Assurance Portal.
  • How to review all assessment findings at a glance on your own Dashboard.
  • How to manage Nonconformities and submit Corrective Action Plans directly to BSI
  • This allows you to see all NCRs, regardless of scheme and geographic location.
  • Learn how to explore Analytics and Benchmarking: see how you perform against others in your industry by standard, location, certificate, and time.
  • Get Information and updates on BSI products/services

The BSI Assurance Portal has an easy to use interface that you can access online. You may have already received a link to activate your account. We will help you make sure your account is activated and show you how to navigate the portal, so that you can make full use of BAP.