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Integrated Management Systems - Using technology to break down silos and create value

Implementing or shadowing formal ISO management systems is on the rise. Yet, most organizations are still approaching management systems in multiple individual silos, which can create numerous conflicts, higher setup & maintenance costs, and a reduction in the effectiveness of the system.

This course explores the benefits of using technology to drive integrated management systems. Based on BSI’s pioneering work with PAS99 and recent developments with the ISO high-level structure, our experts will explore how a common framework can break down these silos and create value for an organization through:

  • Technology-Based Integration: For ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001. 
  • Security Management: Discuss how requirements for security as well as other areas of management focus, can be seamlessly integrated. 
  • Panel Discussion: Explore the value of taking an integrated approach through technology-based project anecdotes.