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EHS Training: Short Attention Span

When it comes to training, attention spans are short. However, training is critical and it ensures that all employees are qualified to complete important EHS tasks, safely and in a timely manner. Past training methods tended to be long, and too focused on the regulation language and history. Current methods of training are far more powerful. Information is presented in shorter segments and focuses on the actual specific work tasks.  Staff can also have on demand access to materials using mobile devices (phones, tablets) and this can give them valuable “boots on the ground” information. These new training methods allow employees to address what they need to know in order to perform critical EHS tasks.

Join us as Mike Zimmerman discusses training in the world of short attention spans. This course focuses on helping Facility Managers and EHS managers overcome the challenges of providing efficient and effective training, as well as the following topics:

  • Common Training Challenges
  • What is a short-attention span video?
  • Effective Training Video Examples