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CTPAT Criteria: How Companies Can Adapt to the Changes

US Customs and Border Protection is updating the Minimum Security Criteria for CTPAT for the first time in the program’s history. In addition to adding several new categories, the new criteria will include strengthened requirements that members of the program will need to understand to remain compliant.

Join Tony Pelli, Senior Supply Chain Risk Consultant to learn why the changes are being made to the CTPAT criteria and how companies can remain compliant so they can continue seeing the benefits of the program; as well as the following topics:

  • The New CTPAT Requirements: An overview of the new sections, strengthened criteria, and how these changes will impact your company.
  • Revise Security & Compliances Programs: How companies can alter their supply chain security and trade compliance programs to adapt to the new criteria
  • Implementation Strategies: Learn about the new criteria suppliers may initially struggle with and how to help them implement the new requirements