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Counterfeit Parts - The Big Issue?

There are many examples of counterfeit parts and materials getting into the supply chain, from falsified material certificates to counterfeit circuit boards and chips. This has a monetary cost, but critically a potential cost to life and limb; flight safety. Then we have the risk to your corporate reputation. 

OEMs require suppliers at all levels in their supply chain to provide self-certification/attestation that effective measures have been implemented to prevent counterfeit and unapproved parts entering the value-stream. But this is often not understood.

While there is no single process or standard that can absolutely prevent a company from receiving or installing a counterfeit part, there are frameworks and best practices which have proven to be effective in pinpointing specific areas vulnerability.

Join BSI’s Aerospace Sector Champion, Brendon Hill as he considers the risks, levels of understanding and the various frameworks available to mitigate the risks of counterfeit part introduction, such as AS5553, AS6081 and ISO 6174, ISO 12931, ISO 16678.