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British Standards Institution (BSI) and the Quality Management Institute (QMI) Partner to Advance 2QR: The Second Quality Revolution®

This Certification in Residential Healthcare Quality Management (RHQM) will help you to create attractive and reliable residential environments with high-performing operations and marketing teams that can improve safety, service delivery and profitability. 2QR is the standard for deploying standards. Your specialized certification will be provided by QMI in partnership with BSI.

Residential healthcare options serve people who are recovering from injuries and illnesses along with disabilities, mental health problems, learning difficulties, dementia and those who are aging and need special assistance in daily life. This rapidly expanding market is challenged by the complexities of providing the medical and support services required within uniquely designed facilities and with staffing requirements that create difficulties in hiring and retention. This certification will provide you with the competence to improve the interaction of people and processes in all segments of a residential healthcare environment, maintain regulatory compliance, and provide safe, effective, efficient and sustainable services.

A 2QR environment creates a positive, responsive, engaged and productive work culture that supports the skills required to reliably and consistently deploy vital corporate and regulatory standards. Our 2QR Complete Quality Management curriculum will enable you to model the skills and values that create a reliable and competent workforce. You will learn how to improve and enhance your leadership style, enable teamwork, collaborate and effectively keep your promises with lean and profitable processes.

Once enrolled, you will undertake three quality manager courses shown below. Successfully completing the courses will establish your career path as an emerging professional with skills to set you apart from the competition. You will learn how to use the power of Quality Management within the economies of the world and personally experience why it offers the hope of success to those who master its fundamentals. Moreover, you will be enabled to compete at a very high level in virtually any field of enterprise.

1) QM Leadership Essentials (Management tools to get impressive results and establish an influential leadership style with QM ethical, motivational and performance standards)
2) QM-WPA Project Management (Work Process Analysis (WPA) techniques to evaluate work-flow efficiency, improve quality and achieve leanness)
3) QM-Admin for Corporate Growth (QM Administrative principles for creating a culture of excellence, and problem-solving for a variety of HR and customer service issues)

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of these courses, participants will be able to:
• Understand how to increase productivity and prevent errors in the workplace
• Explain how to apply “due diligence” to workplace and the leadership skills required to manage risks.
• Understand how to make effective workplace decisions by applying the “scientific method” to personnel and process issues.
• Explain the concepts of WPA and understand how to apply systems thinking to create reliable business solutions.
• Understand how to convert a vision for enterprise into research and design data and concept verification that provides reliable steps for project implementation.
• Gain specific knowledge of the communications skills required to establish reliable business processes and relationships.
• Understand how to use business metrics to isolate and eliminate the causes of defects.
• Describe how to naturally model the values of a QM-Keeping the Promise Culture and become a change agent.

Course Methodology
The QMI curriculum broadly applies to all work environments where people, processes and tools must be integrated to provide reliable, effective and valued outcomes. QMI's learning management system is designed for busy people.

Our learners connect to course resources via the Internet, with the freedom to remain productive at work and plan their schedules. In addition, QMI's easy-to-follow course syllabus provides simple "click by click" self-study.

Our learning resources include Classroom Camera and Knowledge Base videos that are available 24/7 in QMI’s Video Library. You can blog in a Class Forum, get Instructor help via email or teleconference and use QMI’s interactive Practice Exams.

Once enrolled, you will have unlimited access to the QMI professional faculty of industry experts via forums and through personal coaching on course material. QMI’s professional faculty will validate your specific certification through a series of assessments and a work project designed to provide insight into your ability to apply the learning you have achieved in your field of endeavor.

Each certification is designed to require approximately twenty-four hours of study plus competency assessments over an eight-week period. Start anytime and you will have sixteen weeks unlimited access to allow extra time for schedule conflicts, etc.

Intended Audience
• Anyone involved in the planning, implementing, maintaining, auditing or supervising of a quality management system, international or other standards.
• Business Leaders who want to improve quality, increase profitability, effectiveness and efficiency while enjoying the benefits of a high-performing work culture.
• Professionals who want to improve their management and leadership skills and increase their personal and corporate standing and influence.
• Risk management, regulatory compliance or corporate governance officers who are challenged by the uncertainties of an underperforming work culture.

Additional Information
Dr. Larry Kennedy is the primary instructor for the three foundational courses, which are required for your specialized Quality Manager Certification. He is the CEO of the Quality Management Institute and the author of the courses.