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Trafficking and Supply Chain Slavery Patterns

In an increasingly complex world, organizations of all types find that effective risk mitigation requires more timely, accurate, and rich intelligence-led data. Global threats, such as slavery, can destroy a brand overnight. Consumers are continuously scrutinizing the origin and production methods used for their products, which means organizations must have the  visibility needed to effectively mitigate risk and protect their reputation. It’s vital that global brands proactively monitor and address potential exposures to avoid negative press and financial losses.

Participants will learn more about:

  • Top Global Trafficking and Slavery Threats
  • Mitigation Strategies and BSI's Pattern Index 

Presenter:Michiko Shima is an experienced professional providing advice on sustainability, corporate social responsibility and reputational risk management to businesses in Asia, North America, Europe, and Latin America, with a strong background in economics and finance.  She has identified and promoted actions to mitigate risks associated with financing agricultural supply chains in Latin America (e.g. palm oil in Ecuador and soy beans in Brazil), analyzed a sustainability rating system of auto suppliers, addressed labor working conditions and treatment of construction workers in China and India, managed reputational risks associated with removal of squatters in the Philippines, and verified working hours and conditions of truck drivers in Thailand. She has a BA in Economics, a MBA in International Business and Finance and a MSc in Environmental Sciences and Policy.