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ISO for Beginners Part 2 Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis is the systematic method of identifying the core causes of an incident, failure, or non-conformance, so that an effective corrective action plan can be developed and implemented to prevent future like incidents.

If you have a Management System and a non-conformance has been identified, what are the next steps?  A stab in the dark at a 'fix' could do more harm than good if you fix the wrong thing. All you may do is damage the credibility of the management system and create doubts about your abilities to get results from the MS.

In this educational course you will learn how to:

Perform an effective root cause analysis

o   Who should be involved?
o   What are the steps?
o   How will I know when I've explored enough possibilities?


 Implement the 'right' Corrective Action

o   How do I determine what resources we will need?
o   Will I have to train people to do implementation?
o   What barriers can I expect?

 Assess the effectiveness of the corrective action

o   What does a 'fix' look like?
o   Can I use my previous measurements?
o   How will I know if it worked?