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The Basics of Internal Auditing- 50 shades of Grey

We all wish auditing was black and white, that the non conformance (NCR) is obvious and that it's all so very clear. However, we get caught up in the challenge of whether a NCR about 'major' and 'minor' and discuss interpretation. We are sometimes chained to conventional thinking and just want to break free. Can we? 

In this course, we'll take a look at alternative views of how we can embrace the “grey” and get real value out of internal audits:

Why is internal auditing never black and white?

  • How poorly worded documentation leads to auditing problems
  • Finding agreement on interpretation
  • Resolving disputes

Stop wasting time looking for non-conformances 

  • Why looking for NCRs is futile
  • What to look for instead
  • Bring value by finding Opportunities for Improvement (OFIs)

Looking for Continual Improvement (CI) in all the wrong places

  • A structured approach to CI
  • How employees will react to someone else's idea of CI
  • How to make sure the CI worked

This is an ISO for Beginners course. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain knowledge from our subject matter expert, Jim Moran, as he takes us through the essentials of internal auditing.