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Risk Management Plan (RMP) Regulation Changes

Organizations that manufacture or handle hazardous chemicals are facing compliance uncertainty because of the EPA’s revisions to the Risk Management Plan (RMP) Rule. Although implementation of these new revisions were effectively delayed by several years, the EPA, as required by a 2018 court case decision, has vacated these delays and issued the revised rule along with an effective date. While changes that are ‘significant’ will be implemented over time and in phases, ‘minor’ changes require immediate compliance.

This course will explore how organizations in the chemical industry can properly identify the changes needed to comply with this revised regulation in order to ensure the protection of employees, workplace facilities and the surrounding environment. Join Adrienne Young, Senior Consultant, to learn about the revisions to the RMP rules, including the following information:

  • Revised RMP Rule – An overview of the new requirements and how they may impact your organization and facilities
  • Revised Deadlines – A review of updated implementation dates
  • Implementation Strategies – Implementation challenges and possible compliance strategies for dual-covered sites (PSM and RMP)
  • EPA Action Projections – A review of the next steps which may be taken by the EPA