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Quantify your ergonomic programs with anthropometry

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Environmental Health and Safety


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Ergonomics is frequently integrated into an organization's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) department. This can make it difficult for businesses to accurately judge the cost effectiveness of the investment in their ergonomics programs as they are more performance-based than the typical specification based EHS programs. Companies may also find it challenging to convert their reactive ergonomics processes - often looking at work related injury data - into a proactive program that addresses risk prior to injury occurrence.

This webinar we demonstrate using anthropometry, the ergonomics foundational pillar, to create a measurable and sustainable ergonomics process.

  • The fundamentals of an ergonomics programs
  • An introduction to anthropometry as one of the foundations of ergonomics
  • Resolving ergonomics design challenges by applying the principles of anthropometry
  • Anthropometry in the design of equipment
  • Methods for calculating a cost/benefit analysis for your ergonomics program


Joey Wei, M.S., CPE, Senior Consultant, is a dedicated and passionate ergonomics professional with experience in conducting and performing ergonomics program management, risk assessments, human factors and usability research to determine ergonomics strategy and in-depth recommendations in various fields including office, industrial environment, warehouse, wearable equipment and transportation systems.

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