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The 3 Rs of Quality: Risk, Resilience, and Root Cause webinar

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All managers understand that Risk Management is a part of business responsibility and accountability.  The ability to assess and mitigate risk is a key challenge to all businesses.  Risk is connected to Root Cause, as root cause analysis is the systematic method of identifying the core reason for an incident, failure, or non-conformance. You must be able to perform a root cause analysis in order to manage risk and prevent the recurrence of similar incidents. 

By managing risk and employing root cause analysis methods, your company will be on its way to Organizational Resilience, which is the ability for companies to remain agile and resilient, be able to withstand known and unknown challenges and remain successful and profitable both in the short-term and long-term. In 2020, we have all learned the importance of remaining responsive and resilient, during this challenging COVID-19 pandemic. 

Key takeaways and learning objectives

  • One of the key changes in the ISO 9001 standard is the requirement to assess actions to address a risk-based approach to your ISO management system. This webinar will give you some ideas to get started down that path to understanding and managing risk.
  • Learn the elements of performing an effective root cause analysis, including which method to use, who’s on the team, what are the steps, what does a fix look like, and how will I know if it worked?
  • Understand what Organizational Resilience is and learn what other global leaders have indicated are the greatest challenges they foresee in the coming year

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