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Keeping Cannabis Green: Addressing Key Sustainability Concerns

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The importance of sustainability has never been more pressing.  With global attention on the UN climate change agenda, organizations are looking for new ways to meet their sustainability goals. Standards are at the forefront of environmental management, helping businesses save energy, save money, and save the environment. As the Cannabis Industry becomes more accepted across the Americas, it is also raising concerns about the impact it might have on the environment. Commercial growers have turned to artificial pesticides and harmful growing practices and modes of distribution to bolster sales and increase crop yields. These practices not only have an impact on the quality of the final product but also contribute to pollution and waste.

Key takeaways and learning objectives

  • Why sustainability is an important issue in all industries, but especially to cannabis
  • Challenges faced by the Cannabis industry
  • Major sustainability issues today
  • Potential solutions and resources

Presenter information

  • Melita Elmore – Principal Consultant, Sustainability- BSI Group
  • Neil Coole – Director for the Food and Cannabis industry – BSI Group
  • Jo-Anne St.Godard – Principal GL Consulting
  • Steven Fish – Co-chair, The Cannabis Council of Canada

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