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Course Details

Food Safety Foundations Qualification E-learning

Course Area

Food Safety


Available for 365 days after enrollment

Approximate Course Run Time

10 hours

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USD $500.00

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Course Details

Put a BSI Mark of Trust on food safety knowledge and awareness

A strong culture of food safety is now a requirement for all food businesses as per GFSI Schemes, CODEX, and increasingly food legislation globally. A grounding in key topics including food hazards, contamination, pests, allergens and food handling is essential for all employees, irrespective of position to mitigate risk of illness.

Particularly relevant for new starters or ambitious team members looking to consolidate knowledge and advance their career, achieving a BSI Foundation Qualification in Food Safety is a key first step in demonstrating food safety knowledge: principles; best practice; and impact awareness of safety within food production.

Underpinned by multiple-choice assessment, upon successful completion of the qualification the BSI Mark of Trust is awarded. Validating individual learning and an organizations commitment to ensuring employees are focused on and deliver the fundamental principles of food safety.

The pathway

Including three foundation courses, available via on-demand. E-learning allows total convenience and the opportunity for self-paced study, around busy schedules and potential shift working patterns.

pathway for qualification

Key content includes:

  • Foodborne illnesses and hazards in food
  • The responsibilities of food handlers
  • The effective control of hazards
  • An explanation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Prerequisite programs for HACCP
  • The 12 steps of HACCP
  • Understanding the cause of allergic reactions
  • The different food sources of allergens
  • The control of allergens in food facilities

An essential qualification for:

  • Food production staff
  • Food handlers
  • Senior leaders, managers and supervisors, new to roles in food companies
  • Procurement, operation, HR and logistics staff working in food companies
  • Anyone who will be part of the food safety culture team, and is new to food safety


  • BSI - Foundation food safety - Module 1
  • BSI - Food safety foundation - Module 2
  • BSI - Food safety foundation - Module 3
  • BSI - Food safety foundation - Module 4
  • BSI - Food safety foundation - Module 5
  • BSI - Food safety foundation - Module 6
  • BSI - Food safety foundation - Module 7
  • BSI - Food safety foundation - Module 8
  • BSI - Food safety foundation - Module 9
  • BSI - HACCP foundation - Module 1
  • BSI - HACCP foundation - Module 2
  • BSI - HACCP foundation - Module 3
  • BSI - HACCP foundation - Module 4
  • BSI - HACCP foundation - Module 5
  • BSI - HACCP foundation - Module 5
  • BSI - HACCP foundation - Module 6
  • BSI - HACCP foundation - Module 7
  • BSI - HACCP foundation - Module 8
  • Allergen Awareness

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