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ISO For Beginners 9: Common risks associated with quality management

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Quality Management


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A Quality Management System is the framework that helps organizations meet customer needs and expectations and achieve continual improvement. There are, however, three key areas of risk that need to be addressed to keep us out of harm’s way – document control, closing out non-conformances and internal audits. These three areas are at the top of the list when Registrars report their findings from audits.

It’s virtually impossible to predict every risk associated with quality and mitigate it to reduce non-conformances. It is possible, however, to create and manage a QMS that will give you a fighting chance to avoid the areas that repeatedly show up as non-conformances.

The key is in identifying, analyzing and assessing risks. From there we can create risk treatment plans that lead to a more resilient management system and increase profits by avoiding non-conformances. That’s how a QMS fits into your future and keeps you profitable!

Key takeaways and learning objectives

In this educational webinar you will learn:

  • What does the data say about non-conformances?
  • How do identify, analyze and assess risks?
  • What does an effective ‘risk treatment’ look like?

A structured approach to risk as required by ISO 9001 will help you to continually monitor and manage risks across your organization. This way, you can avoid non-conformances, achieve customer satisfaction and continually improve the effectiveness of your QMS – a sure path to success!

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Speaker - Jim Moran, Training Instructor, BSI Group

Host - Vanessa Zamora, Marketing Manager, BSI Group Canada

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