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Boost Your Performance Through Better Audits

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Every ISO Management System Standard requires that you carry out Internal Audits. They can be seen as a drain on resources or they can play a significant role in improving business performance. By taking the time to review the effectiveness of your auditing activities you can find ways to get more benefit from this valuable activity.

By implementing Internal Audits effectively, you can drive performance improvements, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve sustained business success. When you see internal audits as a valuable tool for continual improvement and align your audit activities with your organization's strategic objectives you’ll see a great return on your audit investment.

Key takeaways and learning objectives

In this educational webinar, you’ll learn some ways you can leverage internal audits to enhance your overall business performance with the ‘Plan, Do, Check Act’ approach:

Part 1: PLAN the audit activity

  • What does a good audit plan look like?
  • Who should be involved?
  • Can we do virtual audits for our satellite sites?

Part 2: DO: Carry out the audit

  • What do good interview questions sound like?
  • What’s the best kind of checklist?
  • What are 3 key areas to focus on no matter what we’re auditing?

Part 3: CHECK on the effectiveness of your auditing process

  • How can we measure the success of each audit?
  • Who should be suggesting improvements to our audit process?
  • How will we know when it’s ‘good enough’?

Part 4: ACT on the findings of the audit process review

  • How will improvements to our audit process pay dividends?
  • Will employees understand the value of internal audits to help improve the whole management system?
  • How do we ensure that auditors view the audit activity as a process for better outputs?

The findings and recommendations from audits can help identify areas of improvement, set performance goals, and align business strategies with ISO requirements. Integrating audit findings into your strategic planning process ensures that performance improvement becomes an integral part of your business strategy.

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Speaker - Jim Moran, Training Instructor, BSI Group

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