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The benefits of integrating ISO 50001 into an ISO 9001 management system

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Energy Management


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A proven strategy to improve business profits is to reduce costs. Implementing an ISO 50001:2018 energy management system (EnMS) is a great way to reduce high energy costs. If you already have an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system (QMS) in place, you are on your way to saving money by improving your energy performance.

Combining the two standards into your management system will enhance your quality and energy performance as a result of the synergy from the integration. Another advantage of incorporating ISO 50001 into your QMS is that your employees will have fewer disruptions from multiple duplicate audits.  

During this educational webinar, we will outline the business, organizational and management benefits and how straightforward it is to achieve these advantages through integration.

Key takeaways and learning objectives

In this educational webinar you will learn:

Business benefits

  • Reduction of energy costs due to improved energy performance
  • The competitive advantage of attracting environmentally conscious customers by committing to energy management
  • Optimization of resources, equipment, materials, and labour, leading to overall resource cost savings.

Organizational benefits

  • Risk management will improve as threats related to energy supply are identified and mitigated. 
  • Effective energy management strategies based on data-driven decisions about energy consumption
  • Enhanced long-term sustainability and global recognition gain

System Management Benefits 

  • ISO requirements can be audited concurrently with opportunities to improve both QMS and EnMS. 
  • ‘Opportunity cost’ savings by sharing assets and performing activities simultaneously
  • Continual improvement projects will benefit both energy use and quality simultaneously.

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Speaker - Jim Moran, Training Instructor, BSI Group

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