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ISO/IEC TR 24028:2020 – Overview of trustworthiness in artificial intelligence

Course Area

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


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3 hours

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USD $500.00

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Course Details

Explore the fundamental principles and practical guidelines of ISO 24028:2020 on Trustworthiness in Artificial Intelligence. Designed for professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of AI best practices, this concise course delves into the critical aspects of building and deploying trustworthy AI systems.

Course aim    

The aim of this on-demand training is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the factors that can impact the trustworthiness of an AI system, and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure and improve trust, transparency, and ethical practices in AI development and deployment.

How will I benefit?

Some of the key benefits of attending this course include:

  • In-depth Understanding of AI Trustworthiness: you will gain a comprehensive grasp of the fundamental principles and guidelines for building trustworthy AI systems.
  • Risk Mitigation: you will acquire skills to assess and mitigate threats and risks associated with AI decision-making, reducing the potential for unintended negative consequences and bolstering the reliability of AI systems.
  • User and Stakeholder Engagement: Integrating user feedback and engaging with stakeholders becomes more effective, resulting in AI solutions that better cater to user needs and expectations.
  • Awareness of mitigation measures: Understanding the principles of controllability and explainability will allow you to create AI models and applications that provide clear explanations for their decisions, building trust with end-users and stakeholders.
  • Positive Societal Impact: Building trustworthy AI systems aligns with the goal of AI technologies benefiting society as a whole. You will contribute to creating AI solutions that are accountable, fair, and transparent, promoting the responsible adoption of AI.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:


  1. analyse the factors affecting trustworthiness in AI systems and understand existing approaches for enhancing trustworthiness
  2. assess the application of trustworthiness approaches to AI systems
  3. understand vulnerabilities and threats in AI system that can undermine their trustworthiness
  4. mitigate vulnerabilities in AI systems and improve their trustworthiness
  5. investigate approaches for evaluating trustworthiness and implement trustworthiness measures in AI system design
  6. understand ethical and societal implications of Trustworthy AI

Who should attend?

  • AI Managers
  • Data Governance Managers
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • AI architects

How will I learn?

The course structure is a mix between a traditional lecture and some activities performed by delegates, which are aimed as learning checks over the different topics covered in the course. 

What will I gain?

On completion, you’ll be awarded an internationally recognized BSI training course certificate.


The course assumes that delegates know the basic concepts of AI.

Further information

Benefits of On-Demand for the individual

Convenient - Courses are available 24/7 and you can learn at any time and from any place that suits you – you just need an internet connection

Learning pace - You can learn as fast or as slowly as you want to. You can also take breaks at any time in the course and pick up where you left off when you are ready to continue

Information retention - During the access period, you can go back and repeat parts or all the course to refresh and reinforce what you have learned

High-quality materials - Developed by top subject matter experts, course content is both detailed and engaging, with explanations, activities, and knowledge checks to enhance your learning


  • Trustworthiness of AI systems
  • Vulnerabilities and threats
  • Mitigation measures and societal implications
  • Course review and summary

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