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Benefits of integrated systems ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001

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Quality Management


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Increasingly, providing product and service quality depends on data. Information security is subject to controlling critical information sources, while a quality management system ensures proper controls are in place to achieve desired results. Integrating both systems multiplies business benefits.

Successfully integrating the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) into your ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) requires careful planning and a deep understanding of your organization’s specific needs and context. Improving your ability to withstand cyber-attacks and recover quickly, may also involve a cultural shift and training employees at all levels on the importance of information security and quality management systems.

This free webinar outlines the benefits of business, certification, and auditing. You’ll learn how to implement QMS/ISMS integration and the expected IT security improvements.

Key takeaways and learning objectives

Business benefits

  • QMS/ISMS integrated systems help top management meet information security and service quality goals.
  • Overall resource cost savings by optimizing equipment, materials, and labour.
  • ‘Opportunity cost’ savings from performing activities more effectively for both systems simultaneously.
  • A more efficient, integrated and economical system that will provide better results.

Risk management benefits

  • Continuous risk management improvement as you identify and mitigate nonconformities.
  • Enhanced protection of your customers’ data supply chain, and your data.
  • Improved cyber threat resilience. 

Certification benefits

  • Fewer duplications during audits (internal, external and customer).
  • Concurrent auditing of common ISO requirements.
  • Improvement opportunities for both QMS and ISMS.
  • Reduced internal and external costs by more efficient auditing.
  • Enhanced transparency and stakeholder trust.

Presenter information

Speaker - Jim Moran, MA Ed. MSP, Training Instructor, BSI Group Canada

Host - Caio Cologni, Business Development Manager, BSI Group Canada

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