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Incident Management for Administrators

The BSI - Entropy® Software “Incident Management for Administrators” course, provides participants with the skills and knowledge required to successfully administer all aspects of the Incident Management workflow – from configuring a wide range of fields used in the Incidents workflow at site level to creating notification rules for incidents ranging from workplace injuries to environmental spills through to quality deficiencies, security events and supply chain break downs.

The course explains the principles and practices of incident management administration within the Entropy Software and provides practical examples based on typical business scenarios.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be fully proficient with all configurable aspects of the Incidents Management workflow and will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of Incident administration within the Entropy Software
  • Create and configure categories, immediate and root causes
  • Customize fields used in the Incidents tool at site level
  • Configure access to the Software quick-add incidents tool
  • Create and configure Incident Notification rules
  • Create Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports based upon automated system statistics
  • Generate detailed or statistical reports and scorecards

Who Should Attend

Entropy Software system users who require a detailed understanding of the configurable aspects of the Incident workflow.


A general background in incident management and a strong proficiency with the user interface of the Entropy Software is recommended. An understanding of the Performance Management workflow is beneficial.

Course Logistics

There is a 30 minute open book test at the end of the course. Certificates of achievement are provided for students who exceed 80% on the test. All participants will receive certificates of attendance.