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System Certification

The BSI - Entropy® Software“System Certification” course provides participants with the skills and knowledge required to successfully improve their organization's business processes and to manage risk. This course provides participants with Certification on the system, ensuring that system expertise and capabilities are developed through hands-on experience in the tools covered in this course. Material will review all elements of a management system solution including, Auditing, Risk Assessments, Training, Documentation and Performance Management, through the use of the Entropy Software®.

This course explains the principles and practices of building a management system using the Entropy Software® and provides practical exercises based on business scenarios common in today's leading organizations.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be fully proficient with key aspects of the Entropy Software® and will be able to:

  • Configure all elements of system administration, including categories, user access profiles and module/tool administration
  • Create and manage documentation
  • Create and manage Risk Assessments
  • Define checklists for use within Audits and configure them accordingly
  • Set up metric collection points, associate responsibility, and define and configure KPI libraries
  • Create and manage training records
  • Configure and record incidents
  • Run reports for all areas of the Entropy Software®
  • Define notification rules and alerts
  • Create ad-hoc reports in the user friendly Report Builder environment

Who Should Attend

Entropy Software® system administrators, regional champions and site level system coordinators.


A general background in management systems and a basic proficiency with the user interface of the Entropy Software® is recommended.

Course Logistics

There is a 120 minute test at the end of the course. Entropy Software® Certification is awarded to students who achieve the pass mark of 80%. All participants will receive certificates of attendance.