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SAE AS9100 Revision C Internal Auditor

The "SAE AS9100 Revision C Internal Auditor" course is designed to provide a working understanding of a quality management system based on the requirements of SAE AS9100 Revision C. It prepares internal auditors to perform effective process audits and helps managers and supervisors take full advantage of the internal audit process. Students will gain an understanding of the requirements of SAE AS9100 and its inter-relationship with other elements of the AS9100 family of standards. Role-play exercises give students practical experience with auditing, and the course also addresses the requirements of ISO 19011:2002, SAE AIR 5493A ("Requirements for the Development, Implementation and Control of Aerospace Auditor Training") and SAE AS9014 ("Requirements for Aerospace Quality Management System Certification/Registrations Program").

Learning Objectives:

•Gain an introduction to SAE AS9100 Revision C and ISO 9001
•Understand the systems that must be in place to satisfy SAE AS9100 Revision C and ISO 19011
•Demonstrate effective internal auditing to the SAE AS9100 family of standards
•Interpret the differences between SAE AS9100 Revision C and ISO 9001
•Understand the principles of effective auditing and the process approach

Course Materials:

Students receive comprehensive course manuals with reference materials.

Who Should Attend:

•Quality managers in the aerospace industry
•Internal audit program manager
•Internal audit team members
•Any manager or supervisor who wishes to implement, maintain, or improve an effective internal audit process


A working knowledge of ISO 9001:2008 is recommended. Knowledge of quality management systems and SAE AS9100 Revision C would be beneficial.

Course Logistics:

Student : Instructor Ratio - 20:1