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Supplier Verification

Are You Struggling with Managing Supplier Audits, Compliance and Risks? Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals, C-TPAT and Security, Social Responsibility, Quality Assurance; the list of supplier audits and compliance requirements is extensive and getting bigger. How do you manage these growing audit needs? Does your company conduct in-house or outsourced supplier audits? Do you find it difficult to track supplier compliance, maintain audit schedules and assign and track corrective actions? If you have a limited budget, how do you ensure you're auditing the right suppliers based on risk?

Dependency of suppliers and outsourcing of manufacturing is on the rise. Organizations are increasingly realizing the vulnerability of their brand reputation and risk of financial loss resulting from bad PR incidents involving suppliers. The key question is - do you know who your suppliers REALLY are and what hidden risks lie within your international supplier base?

Learn how BSI's Supply Chain Verification full suite of services can provide your organization greater transparency to risk and compliance and enable you how to identify, manage, and respond to potential risks.

Participants will develop an understanding of:

  • How to develop a custom verification audit tailored to fit their company needs
  • Building an intelligence based supplier risk management program
  • Managing international suppliers and language barriers
  • Identify, and address Supplier exposures with an automatic Supplier Corrective Action Program
  • How to save time and money by using a risk based approach to supplier audits

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