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Getting Serious About Energy Management

Today, organizations are faced with increased cost pressures while struggling with decreased operating margins and profits. They are continuously tasked with finding new and innovative ways to meet challenges without sacrificing the end product.

As a result companies look to employ more robust strategies to monitor, manage, and use energy more efficiently.

Protecting your organization from volatile energy costs and taking advantage of evolving resources, while operating in a dynamic environment, requires management commitment and planned efforts. It is critical that energy optimization efforts not only identify reductions for today but create efficiencies that consider increased production for long term growth and sustainability.

There is a lot of buzz in the marketplace today about Energy Management; do you know what Energy Management really means? The first step in your journey is awareness.

The first webinar in BSI’s Energy Management Series is designed answer that question.

Energy Management: Defined
Cost Savings: What can be realized and when?
Reporting Methods: How to track performance
Let’s Go: Where do I start

What are you waiting for? Join us for this informative webinar and begin transforming your organization today to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Paul Birkeland is an internationally recognized expert in strategic energy management & ISO 50001. He was a “beta tester” for the US Department of Energy, became one of the first certified ISO 50001 Auditors, & one of the first Certified Practitioners in Energy Management Systems in the world. He was recently awarded one of twelve certificates nationwide as a SEP Performance Verifier.