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Go Big or Go Home: The Benefits of Early Transition to the Revised ISO 2015 Standards

Why wait? You can get paybacks as soon as you start!

The revised ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Standards offer many creative and useful ways to improve the effectiveness of your Management System and uncover great opportunities and efficiencies.

This is an opportune time for managers, directors, and business owners to take advantage of the direction these two Standards are going. Start Transition to the new standards at the earliest convenience to take advantage of the business benefits!

What you will learn in this webinar:

Benefits to your Leaders

  • Clearer requirements for demonstrating leadership
  • Improved risk and opportunity management
  • Better business performance

Benefits to your employees

  • Increased engagement
  • Less stress from better timing and change management
  • Improved integration for employees involved in both Environmental and Quality activities

Benefits to your organization

  • Enhanced reputation
  • Reduced costs of transition
  • Fewer conformance issues resulting from a more flexible approach


  • Gary Robinson
  • Jim Moran
  • Anne-Marie Pizzitelli