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AEO - Security Training and Threat Awareness in the Supply Chain - Executive Edition

To prevent inadequate awareness of supply chain security requirements of the AEO programme, companies should “ensure that its staff having responsibilities relevant for security issues regularly participates in programs to raise their awareness of those security issues”. The AEO applicant or member should develop mechanisms in order to educate and train staff on security policies, recognition of deviations from those policies and understanding what actions should be taken in response to security lapses. The AEO applicant or member should particularly:

  • Educate its personnel, and where appropriate its business partners, with regard to the risks in the international supply chain;
  • Provide educational material, expert guidance and appropriate training on the identification of potentially suspect cargo to all relevant personnel involved in the supply chain, such as, security personnel, cargo-handling and cargo-documentation personnel, as well as employees in the shipping and receiving areas.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for executives and managers of companies who have joined, or intent to join, the AEO programme. This management focused training course gives a detailed appreciation of the minimum security requirements of the AEO programme, in order to initially gain membership and subsequently maintain compliance.

On completion of the Executive Edition training module executives and managers will be able to:

  • Understand the supply chain security concept
  • Understand the benefits of implementing a supply chain security and threat awareness programme
  • Understand the importance of corporate commitment to a supply chain security programme
  • Understand how a supply chain security programme adds to the efficiency of an organisations supply chain
  • Understand how to calculate the return on investment
  • Understand the minimum security requirements of a supply chain security programme
  • Increased awareness of the security threats to their organisations supply chain

Pricing and Logistics

  • 1-2 Day onsite training or Connected Learning (online)
  • Training materials (if required) provided by BSI
  • Continuing Education Units available (if requested)