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Identifying Food Supply Chain Threats and Vulnerabilities

The food supply chain is continuously expanding and becoming more complex, leading to increased food safety and fraud risks as well as continuity and social responsibility threats around the world. Risks such as adulteration, mislabeling, counterfeiting, and contamination pose a huge threat to the livelihood of an organization as well as its customers. As the demand for traceability and quality continue to increase, food manufacturers must understand where their vulnerabilities are to ensure the protection of their customers and creditability of their goods.

Proactively monitoring threats to the supply chain equips organizations with the visibility needed to address areas of concern, reduce disruptions, and avoid undesirable press. Join us to learn more about the global threats and complexities facing the food supply chain and how to mitigate them.

During this webinar, our Global Intelligence Team will provide information on the following topics and more:

  • Current challenges and vulnerabilities facing the industry
  • The world’s leading sources of contaminated food products and their contributors
  • Geographic areas of concern related to food safety, fraud, continuity and social responsibility

BSI’s SCREEN food intelligence indicators


BSI's Global Intelligence Team

BSI’s proprietary intelligence and risk management experts are the strength behind our organization and holistic risk-based offering. Our people coupled with our solutions provide unparalleled visibility into current operational gaps and potential exposures.

Our dedicated team of analysts monitor and analyze a wide range of geographic risk and incident data sources to produce risk ratings for 25 proprietary risk indicators for 203 countries. Our team is constantly updating and refining our intelligence, making sure our risk ratings reflect the situation on the ground.