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SCREEN United Kingdom Cargo Theft Quarterly Report Q2 - 2018

About this course:

BSI and the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS) have come together to develop quarterly updates to provide increased visibility into cargo theft threats across the United Kingdom. This review will provide a full view of the first half of 2018 and the top trends, theft methods and commodities at risk. 

During the review, we will be providing information on the following:

  • United Kingdom cargo theft disruptions and trend analysis 
  • County breakdown of the top cargo theft threats in the United Kingdom
  • Top targeted commodities, methods and locations of thefts, and areas of concern

About the presenters:

BSI Intelligence Team

Our dedicated team of analysts monitor and analyze a wide range of geographic risk and incident data sources to produce risk ratings for 25 proprietary risk indicators for 203 countries. Our team is constantly updating and refining our intelligence, making sure our risk ratings reflect the situation on the ground. 

Andrew Round - NAVCIS

NaVCIS is the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service, a Police Unit dedicated to the prevention and detection of vehicle crime and supporting our law enforcement colleagues both home and abroad. As part of the National Police Chiefs Council portfolio, we represent UK policing and provide support to National Crime Agency, UKBF and HM Government.