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Management Buy-In Top Management Messages for BCM

You already know how critical it is to the survival of your organization that you implement a formal and tested Business Continuity Management System. Yet, in these times of shrinking budgets, it is getting tougher to get executive approval to move projects forward.

Change by the very mention of it can be threatening, so organizational buy-in is critical to success. Getting all your stakeholders on board at the outset will help you gain the support to conduct your research and provide the data you need for top management. After all management is your catalyst for change.

Participants will learn how to build a business case that can:

  • Get support from senior leadership
  • Prepare your organization for a disruption
  • Build the budget and resources you need
  • Understand relevant business, program and priorities
  • Overcome organizational silos
  • Support follow-up activities, to take action on findings, and improvements


John DiMaria is the product expertise spokes person for BSI Group Americas regarding all product standards covering Risk, Quality and Regulatory Compliance. John is responsible for overseeing, product roll-out, and client/sales education.