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Quantifying the Return of Supply Chain Security Countermeasures

One of the most difficult tasks in mitigating supply chain security exposure is determining what security countermeasures to put in place and quantifying if these prevention based programs present a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Security escorts, team drivers, GPS technology, and outsourcing to secured transport providers reduces loss, but as yourself the following question:

Do you know if you are spending wisely on security programs?

  • Learn how to identify a high risk market
  • Understand how to assess a global supply chain lane by lane.

You will hear from BSI Supply Chain Solutions, the market leader in cargo theft predictive modeling and ROI analysis. BSI has conducted predictive modeling analysis in more than 60 countries and assessed over $250 billion on in-transit goods exposure.

BSI Supply Chain Solutions Group is a leading global provider of supply chain risk and compliance based solutions, supply chain intelligence, assessments, and training programs geared toward mitigating global supplier and supply chain exposures. BSI's Supply Chain security experts work at the forefront partnering with industry and government on innovative supply chain security solutions and intelligence tools designed for cargo inspection targeting. Helping companies achieve and maintain compliance, with a special focus on the C-TPAT 5-step Risk Assessment, is a key focus of BSI's Supply Chain Solutions. The combination of our tools and BSI's field-based, global network of supply chain security assessment professionals provides our clients with expert supplier vetting and risk assessment.