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I Know What You Did Last Summer - getting to the creepy basics of Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis can be as painful as a root canal. We're going to the scene of the crime, walk through the dense fog of muddled thinking, and tackle Root Cause Analysis.

In this educational webinar, we'll review some common Root Cause Analysis tools: Ishikawa Fish Bone, tied into the 5 Why, to finally emerge from the twilight zone of ineffective RCA. Deming used this tool to enhance the Plan-Do-Check-Act process.

  1. Brainstorming – the first step on the road out of the swamp
    1. How to generate ideas
    2. Getting employee involvement
    3. The more the merrier
  2. Clumping the brainstorm ideas into categories
    1. Ishikawa's classic categories
    2. A new twist for a 5th category
    3. Is anything obvious?
  3. The 5 Why for better results
    1. How to frame the questions to get closer to the root cause
    2. Keeping the conversation going
    3. Assessing risk – change can increase it

Who should attend

  • Any individual requiring a working knowledge and understanding of ISO 9001 standard
  • Quality Professionals/Consultants
  • Presidents/Vice Presidents/CEOs
  • ISO Coordinators/Management Representatives
  • Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Laboratory quality professionals
  • Accredited auditors requiring the competency to audit Quality Management Systems


Jim Moran, MA Ed., President, The learning Alliance Inc., has been a business educator since 1977. He has written articles for a number of business publications, radio shows and hosted “How’s Business?” a TV talk show.