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Protecting your Global Supply Chain

Suppliers, distributors, licensees, sub-contractors - all impact your company's brand and reputation. How much can you see into their operations? Are they complying with your requirements? Do you find it difficult to track supplier compliance, maintain audit schedules and assign and track corrective actions?

Organizations are increasingly realizing the vulnerability of their brand reputation and risk of financial loss resulting from supplier incidents and nonconformities. Don't put your company in jeopardy. Mitigate your exposure to counterfeiting, corporate social responsibility threats, business continuity threats, theft, and in transit cargo disruption by understanding all the organizations connected to your business.

Learn how BSI's Supply Chain Verification full suite of services can provide your organization greater transparency to risk and compliance and enable you to identify, manage, and respond to potential risks.

Participants will develop an understanding of how supplier auditing can help you to:

  • Expose potential risks within your supplier base
  • Gain visibility into your supplier's procedures and policies
  • Verify that your suppliers are being responsible
  • Protect your brand and reputation
  • To save time and money by using a risk based approach to supplier audits

Join us and learn why it is important for the retail industry to know who their suppliers are, and what they are doing.