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The Importance of Ensuring Data Quality

Most manufacturers would never think of eliminating the quality control function from their production processes. Without quality control, it is probable that the number of defective products that require rework would increase and the product would be suspect.

Yet, ensuring data quality within operational and business applications is frequently overlooked by many organizations. It is usually not until issues arise, such as an e-discovery case, failure of mission-critical applications or applications required to meet governmental, disclosure, or other major data reporting that organizations quickly realize that just protecting the data is not good enough. If you can’t prove data quality and integrity, your organization is at risk.

Three things risk officers know to be important are data quality, data governance, and data quality management. The main purpose of ensuring data quality is to present information that is credible and can withstand scrutiny by reviewers, including regulators, judges and attorneys.

Join us for this must attend webcast where we will discuss:

  • What is data quality management
  • Challenges organizations face in ensuring data quality
  • Case law examples where poor data quality proved to be detrimental to the defense
  • Best practices that will facilitate putting your organization in a state of forensic readiness
  • How a formal quality management system can help maintain the credibility of your data

Who should attend:

  • Chief Information Officers
  • Risk Officers
  • Compliance Officers