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Avoiding the Introduction of Counterfeit Parts

The dangers and ramifications of counterfeit parts being introduced into the supply chain are obvious, but how do you counteract them? Knowing who your suppliers are, and who they are sourcing from will allow you to effectively mitigate the risk of counterfeit part introduction and improve traceability. It is important for companies to know who has access to their parts and shipments to guarantee their authenticity, and reliability. To avoid the infiltration of counterfeit parts and secure the quality and safety of your products, you must have a robust supply chain risk management solution in place to ensure your brand and end customers are protected.

With the increased threat of counterfeit parts being introduced into the supply chain, it is vital for companies to understand where the risks lie and how to mitigate them. Join us and other industry leaders to learn more about how BSI's Supply Chain Risk Management Tools and Supplier Verification Audits can help:

  • Identify and mitigate the introduction of counterfeit parts
  • Increase awareness and develop countermeasures
  • Ensure supplier compliance with company established policies and procedures
  • Tailor your audit program to target high risk suppliers
  • Increase supply chain transparency
  • Improve counterfeit tracking and reporting