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From CAPA to Risk Management and Resilience - Module 2 - Risk Methodologies

In Module 1, Transitioning to a Risk-Based Approach, we discussed the updated 9001 and 14001 ISO standards and the new paradigm that calls for risk-based thinking and related process approach.

While the new structure for these updated standards does not mandate a specific risk methodology, regulators and other third-party auditors require evidence of the logic behind an organization's decision process. Therefore, risk-based thinking begins to require a more formal and organized approach.

Properly managed risk assessment entails a systematic process for the assessment, control, communication, and review of risks related to the product or process. An appropriate risk management system ensures that the evaluation of the risk to the product or process is based on process knowledge and experience, protecting the product and customer. A methodology, however, does not have to be complicated or complex. There are many simple field-tested methods that will do the job effectively without overburdening the user or the team with a lot of jargon, unnecessary complex calculations, and formulas.

Join us for Module 2 of “From CAPA to Risk Management and Resilience” as we take a deeper dive into risk management and discuss the many options available for assessing risk and review examples of how they work.

Attendees will learn:

  • The more popular risk management methodologies in use
  • Examples of how the these methods are applied
  • Free resources and best practices available to get you started


John DiMaria is the ISO Product Manager for BSI Group America Inc. He has 28 years of successful experience in Management System Development, including Information Systems, and Quality Assurance. John is responsible for overseeing, product roll-out, and client/sales education. He is a product spokesperson for BSI Group America, Inc. regarding all product standards covering Risk, Quality, Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance.

John has been featured in many publications concerning various topics regarding information security, sustainability and business continuity such as Computer World, Quality Magazine, Continuity Insights, ABA Banking Journal, CPM Magazine, and Disaster Recovery Journal.