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ISO 22301 - Bridging the Gap between Risk and Resilience

Business resilience requires proper management of risk. Developing a comprehensive management system and continuity plan to identify, assess and control risks that may endanger business assets and earning capacity is a mandatory exercise for all types of organizations.

While you hope your business continuity plan will never be needed, having the ability to recover, resume operations and eventually return to a normal business environment after an unexpected disruption is important to your customers, investors and employees.

ISO 22301 provides the roadmap for developing a business continuity plan that allows you to identify potential threats to your organization and ensure you have the resources, procedures and training in place to deal with any type or size of an unexpected disruption.

BSI developed the first standard for Business Continuity, BS 25999, which subsequently formed the foundation of ISO 22301.

Join us for this important webinar as we discuss:

  • Important elements in Risk Management
  • Road map to an effective business continuity management system
  • Advantages of ISO 22301 certification


John DiMaria is BSI's Sr. Product Manager, Systems Certification for the Americas. He has 28 years of successful experience in Management System Development, including Information Systems, and Quality Assurance. John is responsible for overseeing, product roll-out, and client/sales education. He is a product spokesperson for BSI Group America, Inc. regarding all product standards covering Risk, Quality, Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance.