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Mapping and Analyzing Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Security Risks

Failing to protect your most valuable cargo often has consequences that go far beyond the actual cost of the loss. Incidents, such as cargo theft and counterfeiting, cause companies to scramble to recover and replace lost inventory, which disrupts delivery deadlines and impacts their reputation. Companies are increasingly operating in more dangerous markets where cargo theft and other security concerns are much more common. Lacking visibility leaves companies vulnerable and unable to effectively protect their supply chain and products.

Instead of reacting to disruptions, organizations should utilize a proactive approach to anticipate and prevent losses. Mapping out your supply chain and leveraging specific security related threat variables will help you to understand where the risks lie and where you need to focus your efforts and budget to mitigate those risks. By utilizing this risk-based methodology you will gain unparalleled visibility to help you build resiliency, and secure your global operations.


Tony Pelli, Supply Chain Risk Consultant
Tony Pelli is a Supply Chain Risk Consultant on BSI's Advisory team, working with a number of Fortune 500 companies to evaluate and quantify the risk of security problems, business continuity interruptions, and social responsibility compliance violations in the supply chain. Tony also spent one year on a rotation in BSI's office in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, helping to launch and develop business for the SCS tools in EMEA.