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Connected Learning Live AS9100:2016 Rev D Senior Management Transition Briefing

BSI Connected Learning Live, online training that combines premier skill development technologies with our expert instructors to deliver an engaging, interactive learning experience to you regardless of location. This is an ideal alternative to the typical classroom stetting for quality professional who do not have the budget or time for travel, or just prefer the convenience of attending a class without having to leave their own personal environment.

As a leader, your commitment and support is crucial to the success of your organization's Aerospace Quality Management System (AQMS). The purpose of this briefing is to help top managers identify and manage their responsibilities with regard to the standard, in particular the new and enhanced 9100 requirements.

Course Aim:

To identify and discuss 9100:2016 Top Management (TM) leadership and commitment requirements, in particular those changing or enhancing 9100:2009 requirements.

How will I benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Demonstrate your organization's commitment to quality
  • Allocate resources for the implementation or development of your Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Participate in improvement projects and show support by leading by example

What will I learn?

You will learn about:

  • Reasons for 9100 update/development
  • Reminder: Top management and 9100:2009
  • Overview of the main changes in 9100:2016
  • Context and line-of-sight
  • Leadership and commitment
  • Success factors and summary of Top Management involvement

Who should attend?

Senior managers of organizations implementing or running 9100:2016.

Course Materials:

You will have the option to receive your course materials in either hard copy or soft copy:

  • Hard Copy option: You will receive a physical copy of the Student Handbook in the mail prior to the course.
  • Soft Copy option: You will receive an email prior to the course with instructions on how to access the online Student Handbook, which can be viewed, downloaded or printed, will be sent to students.

NOTE: Copies of the standards are not included in the class fee. BSI will make reasonable efforts to have loaner copies available for use during the class, but students are encouraged to bring their own copy. Soft copies of the digital loaner standard cannot be printed or downloaded.

Course Logistics:

  • Students need to connect to the class from any internet accessible location.
  • Webcam and Microphone are REQUIRED.
  • ALL course times shown are US EASTERN TIME.