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How to implement a risk based approach into your ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Risk-based thinking is something we all do automatically and often subconsciously. 

The concept of risk has always been implicit in ISO 9001 – this 2015 revision makes it more explicit and builds it into the whole management system. 

• Risk-based thinking ensures risk is considered from the beginning and throughout the process approach 

• Risk-based thinking makes proactive action part of strategic planning 

• Risk is often thought of only in the negative sense. Risk-based thinking can also help to identify opportunities. 

What you will learn in this webinar: 

  • Why managing risk important in a quality management system.
  • How risk is being incorporated into the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  • The benefits of a risk based approach. 
  • What this means for organizations and how they can prepare for their ISO 9001:2015 Transition Audit. 
  • Reasons to consider ISO 31000. 
  • Using the right solution to manage risk. 
Don’t miss out on this information and highly important webinar! Whether you are looking to improve customer satisfaction, enhance operational excellence, increase market share, reduce risk of business disruption, or make sure you are up to date with the ISO 9001:2015 Revisions, you need to attend this webinar. Register today!


Anne-Marie Pizzitelli has been responsible for BSI Canada Marketing since 2008.  In her role, she manages Communications and makes sure clients are aware and of, and supplied with, all the most recent developments in the world of ISO standards, through webinars, whitepapers, events, and Training. 

Gary Robinson, BSI Group.  Inc. Gary is a graduate of Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, with a degree in International Business specializing in Management Information Systems. He has studied at the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University in the Netherlands and holds a Master’s of Science in Environmental Management and Policy from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics in Lund, Sweden.

John DiMaria; CSSBB, HISP, MHISP, AMBCI, CERP,  is a Global Product Champion for BSI Group and a Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Research Fellow. He has 30 years of successful experience in Standards and Management System Development, including Information Systems, ISMS, Business Continuity and Quality Assurance. John is responsible for overseeing, product roll-out, and client/sales education. He is a product spokesperson for BSI regarding all standards covering Risk, and Regulatory Compliance.