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Ask the Auditor. What to expect during your ISO Transition Audit

Do you sometimes wonder how to prepare for your upcoming ISO Transition audit? The new ISO 9001 Standard has some key changes in the way a quality management system (QMS) is viewed as part of your organization’s strategic direction. One of the Key changes is the requirement for Top Management to be more involved. Another change is the focus on Risk-based thinking and finally, the documentation requirements have been reduced. 

 In the webinar, we will bring you some examples of the approach that auditors are using to determine what level of conformance to ISO 9001:2015 your QMS is demonstrating.  

We’ll give you some examples of how clients are meeting these new requirements, and leave time to answer questions that you may have about what to expect, so that you can ask the Auditor about any concerns you may have about your upcoming Transition audit.

What you will take away from this webinar: 

How will Top Management be assessed? 

  • What kinds of evidence will auditors be looking for? 
  • What will Top Management have to demonstrate? 
  • How can Top Management show that they have met the new requirements?

 How will our processes be assessed? 

  • How much is ‘enough’ detail?  
  • How far ‘down in the weeds’ will the auditors go? 
  • For our Quality Objectives – detailed do our Action Plans have to be? 

What will auditors look for if we have reduced our documentation?

  • How detailed do we have to be in our process flow charts for maximum effectiveness?
  • Can we show ‘…the sequence and interaction…’ with a visual representation of our organization?
  • How can we prove that we’re using ‘Risk-based thinking’? 
This webinar will help you get ready for your transition audit. To make sure you are up to date with your transition plan,you need to attend this webinar. Register today!