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Needlestick and sharps injury prevention

Has your organization resigned itself to the inevitability of needlestick and sharps injuries? Do you accept them as “just a part of the job”, despite the toll they take on staff, patients and your bottom line? Learn how to achieve measurable improvement, quickly and with minimal investment, by utilizing best practices and tools proven to reduce injuries and costs.
In this webinar you'll learn:
  • The real costs associated with needlestick and sharps injuries – to help build a business case for program investment
  • A recap of the legal requirements for the prevention of these injuries
  • Strategies for overcoming obstacles to implementing change
  • Proven best practices for achieving injury reduction through policies and procedures, proper equipment use and selection, behavioral changes, communication and process improvement
  • Next steps: using a self or third-party assessment to jump-start your sharps injury reduction program

We'll also share some specific strategies and tools, acquired over thousands of hours developing injury reduction programs for hospitals and other organizations.

Presenter: Elise Condie, PT, M.S., CPE